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Life Narratives Research Group

We live in the age of life stories

In every format of every media and in every academic discipline, self-reflection, life writing, offering one's life story within travel books, scholarly articles, broadcasts, political web sites or newspaper blogs has become a standard tool of communication and the dissemination of information in our time.

While much is claimed for the value and significance of the life narrative, however, from the possibility of individual redemption to the constructing of national narratives of truth and reconciliation, the contexts of such constructions remain under-theorised.

Whether writing of our own lives in the form of auto-biography, memoir, Snapchat story or diary, testifying in a court of law, or in our endeavours to research and write the lives of others, there is little sharing of experience or debate upon the nature of such work across the many disciplines in which life narratives have become a central preoccupation.

The purpose of LNR is to share best practice across all genres of life narrative work through impactful research and applied research projects in partnership with academic, governmental, humanitarian and industry stakeholders and produce publications centred on the experience, methodology and formats of life narratives across written, visual, and virtual cultures.

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